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    The gov.uk ADRs about their AWS choices are public, if folks are looking for more real-world examples: https://github.com/alphagov/govuk-aws/tree/master/docs/architecture/decisions

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      I like those and are by far best than nothing. but I find they lack to highlight trade offs and the alternatives. Knowing why something was discarded or a branch of the decisions tree has been dropped is a good thing to keep around. I mean afaict those keep only the good nodes in the traversal.

      Imho the search for the optimal architecture of a system is a parameter optimization problem, and keeping all solution space and decision functions available helps to be less greedy and have a more holistic solution.

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        I think this is solved in ADR with 2 mechanisms:

        1. You can have an ADR with several possible solutions, and therefore, you’d write in it the different options their pro/cons and finally decide on something.
        2. Even you decide not to have this selection process written in the ADR, you can still have ADRs that are proposed, and then a few days later refused with the ADR mentioning why. As long as you have a way to quickly sort the refused ones, that’s not too annoying.