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    Although the zaurus was a great little device, I’m kind of shocked that anyone would still be carrying one around, let alone running openBSD on it. Or, was openBSD the final OS to still support it?

    Either way, the zaurus brings back a lot of memories of war walking in the streets of Philadelphia, sniffing passwords at coffee shops and all sorts of other mischief.

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      Link gives an error.

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        It’s a marc.info problem. They have two servers which are out of sync with each other so it’s luck as to whether you get the one with recent messages available or not.

        Here’s a pastebin copy of the text.

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          FYI, you can normally view broken marc.info links using archive.is or google’s cache. Lobsters' ‘cached’ button is very useful for this

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          Still got my Collie, still use it as a portable pocket terminal. Great little device!