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    I’ll be honest I’m not sure I’d pay more than a thousand dollars for this site. Their reputation is murdered, you’d be better off starting a whole new company.

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      As evidence of what you’re saying, my ad-blocker doesn’t even let me go to SourceForge pages, so I can’t even read this announcement without adding an exception rule.

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        What kind of ad-blocker do you have?

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          uBlock Origin

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            Same happens with “regular” uBlock, apparently they use the same list by default.

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        I’m sure the value of decimated ‘properties’ like these is just ad impressions minus server/running costs. If those got close, perfectly possible for a remnant ad company to buy it for that amount of money simply for the ad potential with the hope of milking the ad space inside their ad sales network or tightening running costs for short term profit. I’m sure they don’t have a long term plan for it.

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        If this is the “BizX LLC” that bought them, I wouldn’t hold out much hope of any meaningful future.

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          I gather this means no more malware from sourceforge downloads?

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            Yeah, that was the DevShare thing.

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            Serious question, does anybody have any theory as why anybody would buy “dying” sites like Slashdot and Sourceforge? The obvious answer is that they expect to make money by relaunching them. However we more or less think it’s obvious that it’s going to fail.

            What do these people know that we don’t? The simple explanation is to say “they’re dumb” but rich people and companies don’t make money by being dumb.

            Regardless, it’s positive that the new owners have ended the DevShare program. It’s good for mankind.

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              Those dying sites have great traffic and search rankings due to their age.

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                Rich people and companies make money first by being rich, and second by being lucky. Intelligence is at most a minor contributing factor. (Of course, the self-serving bias being what it is, most rich people and companies don’t recognize or acknowledge this.) Huge amounts of money get thrown away on stupid, doomed projects all the time; we just don’t usually get front-row seats like in this case.

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                  Often it’s the opposite. Many people want to work on or own exciting growing things. There are fewer who have the right mentality to extract all the residual value from something that’s in decline. So declining assets are often sold cheaply.

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                    Ad networks will buy anything for the ad impression revenue. if ad revenue minus server profits is positive, they’ll buy it, milk it, and dump it on to the next guy. That seems to fit the ‘feel’ of https://www.bizx.info/

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                    I hope they kept the receipt… I think it’s reputation is sub-terrible and it’s been that way for quite a while.

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                      This is advertising. This is a press release. This is PR and damage control.

                      This is noise.

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                        It’s the first four of those, for sure.

                        It is a fairly important signal: It signals that SourceForge has no future, because this is the best they have to offer. There could have been some disagreement about that up to now, although personally I was already decided.

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                          There’s all kinds of important signals, about markets and people and pop culture–but we don’t clutter up the pages here with them.

                          This is also a known issue (from HN and other places); we shouldn’t dilute our signal/noise ratio here by restating it.

                          If I want to read press releases retweeted by devs, I go to reddit or HN.

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                            You’re certainly on record with that position, which is fair enough.