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    I wish more changelogs were viewable in this fashion. One of the only nice things I’ll say about three.js, for example, is that it has a solid migration guide between versions.

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      to this day I’m surprised that Postgres cannot be upgraded without downtime. I guess there’s maintenance windows, but it feels like so many DBs out there have uptime requirements

      EDIT: don’t want to be too whiny about this, Postgres is cool and has a lot of stuff. I guess it’s mostly the webdev in me thinking “well yeah of course I need 100% uptime” that made me expect DBs to handle this case. But I ugess the project predates these sorts of expectation

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        I don’t disagree… but just to be clear:

        minor versions(i.e. bug fixes) do not need any downtime really, you just replace the binaries and restart. (i.e. from 9.4.6 -> 9.4.7)

        Major versions (9.4 -> 9.5 ) do need a dump/restore of the database, which is annoying. You can avoid this almost completely now with logical replication, which is now included with PG 10 (before this version it’s available as a module back to PG9.4 I think).

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          Ah thanks for the information, super helpful! Previously, when reading up on upgrading PG I got the impression I couldn’t do this on major versions.

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            see: https://www.2ndquadrant.com/en/resources/pglogical/ it’s one of the use-cases.

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            Major versions (9.4 -> 9.5 ) do need a dump/restore of the database

            pg_upgrade has been available and part of the official codebase since 9.0 (7ish years). It’s still not perfect, but it’s been irreplaceable for me when migrating large (45+TB) databases.

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              True, I had forgotten. I’ve been using PG since the 8.x days. pg_upgrade didn’t work for me from 9.0 -> 9.1 (or thereabouts, def. at the beginning of pg_upgrade existence) and haven’t ever tried it again. I should probably try it again, see if it works better for us!

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              There have also been numerous logical replication tools (Slony for example) that allowed upgrades without downtime since at least around 8.0, but probably earlier.