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Here is the search engine. And here, for example is a mind map for learning computer science.

The idea is that a person can type what he wants to learn and the most efficient path to learning the topic is shown.

I always wanted to build a search engine that shows the most efficient paths to learn anything in a linear way.

The most awesome thing is that if anyone thinks there is a better way to learn any of the topics, one can say it since it is an open source project.

Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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      Reminds me of Aristotle, the knowledge web. Very cool.

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      Wow, this is impressive. Super fast, too. Excellent concept and execution.

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        Thank you. ?

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          Not sure why this is a question.

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      Thanks for sharing!

      I’m getting 502’ ed at the moment, but I was able to check a few topics. I’ll make to check it out again on my next endevours.

      Congratulations for the work!

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        Sorry about 502. We just pushed a big update since our links were not working on mobile. Should be up now.

        I hope you like it. Would love to hear your thoughts. :)

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      I like the random placeholder text! It is a really neat feature. I did not expect myself to be reading about minimalism and looking up Thich Nhat Hanh books this evening.

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      Super sweet project. I especially like the minimalist design language you used to represent the search results.

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      This looks great. I haven’t looked at the source code but are the paths human curated or an algo of some sort? I’m guessing with the amount of topics, it’s unlikely that a person has individually looked at each topic.

      I found spacevim throuhgh your search engine, so that’s pretty awesome.

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        Thank you Steve. Actually all maps were human curated by me up until this point.

        However we are moving to a model where anyone can contribute by sending pull requests similar to GitHub awesome lists. We are also moving to D3.js render for smoother viewing and exploring experience.

        I hope you will enjoy using the search. It should be getting better and better every day especially with the help of community. :)

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      Very helpful search engine

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      Looks useful! A related project is Metacademy. I think (most of?) the content is CC BY-SA and GFDL, so you may even be able to integrate it with your search engine if you wanted to.

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        I was actually inspired by Metacademy. I especially love their idea of knowledge dependencies and it s something we are also planning to implement. We want to show all the required knowledge needed to effectively learn any of the topics.

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