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    I like the idea arbitrage part and will probably adopt it myself! One thing that surprised me: no “editing” step. For me the writing process is all about the editing. I have four or five pieces that are totally written that I could throw up right now, but they’re all first drafts. In the editing process I’ll carve them up again and again until they look nothing like they used to. I end up with much stronger writing that way.

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      Thank you! And interesting callout. I suppose I combine the editing step with the final writing step. I probably should have a dedicated editing session, but I tend to do them in tandem and even throughout some of the earlier stages.

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      I’m also a writer who would like to optimize for quality over other things, though currently, I write in my articles in mad bursts, to get the ideas out of my head, most of the articles on https://junglecoder.com were written in single sittings.

      Reading this makes me want to actually get a less bursty writing process in place. Or rather, I’d like to figure out a less bursty creative process in general, because I have a tendency to do things in big bursts, except at work.

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        I’m not a writer, but my blog posts usually “just happen”. I feel like writing, I write something down. I revise minor editorial things once or two e (with feedback from friends and colleagues) and it’s done.

        The bad thing about this is when I need to write something and I don’t “feel like it”. That’s something I haven’t really solved yet. But I also don’t write enough to justify regular practice.. Maybe some day :-)

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          I still really struggle to write when it doesn’t feel right. It’s extremely painful. That’s also one of the reasons I’ve kept writing more as a hobby, instead of being super central to my everyday job.

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          Yeah, I think it depends on what you’re optimizing for! Sometimes writing bursty articles is good, especially when you have a stroke of inspiration.

          I’ve found a more lengthy process good for me to really ruminate on what I’m trying to say because often, I feel like my original concept will change if I have the opportunity to reflect.