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    Unsurprising that it was developed by Chuck Moore. Disappointing that it didn’t actually get to production.

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      Disappointing that stuff like that doesn’t get open sourced. Just makes you wonder what interesting stuff is out there on an old floppy.

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        Chuck likes to release his Forths as public domain (when he does release them…).

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          In Chuck We Trust

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      It’s amazing what people do in a language that doesn’t even have types.

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        zge, your post made me sad. You too, rlonstein.

        Twelve people participated in a conversation about 4os in June/July 2012.

        (Does anybody know how to post links to old usenet discussions without using Google?)

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          AFAIK the only Usenet repository is hosted by Google.

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          Odd to link this iTV page. I don’t think they actually shipped anything, due to lack of interest.