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    Can anyone recommend a good trustworthy VPN service for <$10 per month?

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      Many VPN services say “we don’t log”, but you have to take their word for it. I think it’s better to get a cheap VPS and set up your own VPN.

      Ramnode has really great VPS deals, and it’s easy to add more bandwidth if you need it. Their cheapest VPS is $15/yr, and each additional terabyte of bandwidth costs $4/mo.

      Unfortunately, a VPN uses 2x the bandwidth (1x coming in, 1x going out), so 1TB of “real” bandwidth is actually consuming 2TB. But Ramnode is so cheap it doesn’t really matter. You could have an effective, self-operated VPN for less than $10/mo:

      $15/yr + (2 * $4/mo * 12mo/yr) = $111/yr

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        Thanks! That plus https://github.com/jlund/streisand would be a good price, and I don’t need to trust anyone else.

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          It’s too late to edit my original post, but I actually found an even better deal at Vultr due to the way they charge for bandwidth (not double-counted).

          Q: Is bandwidth usage calculated from outbound, inbound, or inbound+outbound traffic?

          A: Your bandwidth usage is based on the highest of either your inbound traffic or your outbound traffic. For example, if your VPS uses 100 GB of incoming bandwidth and 200 GB outgoing bandwidth, your utilization for billing purposes would be 200 GB.

          Looking at the pricing page, you can get 1TB of bandwidth for just $5/mo. That’s half-off compared to Ramnode, and you even get a beefier CPU and more RAM to sweeten the deal!

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          Something else that’s useful for those that want a “VPN in a box” is Streisand, which uses Ansible to deploy a variety of open source VPN software to a provider of your choice (AWS, Digital Ocean, etc).

          Update: Whoops - that’ll teach me to post without reading the whole thread - Streisand was mentioned already.

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            I think it’s better to get a cheap VPS and set up your own VPN.

            Then how do you know you are not getting backdoored by your VPS provider?

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              You don’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

              But it’s much less likely than your ISP selling your browsing history.

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              OVH and VPSNet offer plans with unlimited bandwidth for way less than this – the only caveat being that their boxes offer 100mbps and 50mbps respectively.

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                This approach would prevent your ISP from collecting your data, but this has the deficiency that your IP address can still be traced back to you, correct?

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                  Yes, if all your traffic is exiting from a certain IP address, then it can be correlated. The advantage is that it isn’t being sold wholesale by your ISP.

                  If you are truly paranoid, you could buy additional IP addresses ($2.50/mo at Ramnode) and only visit certain sites through certain IPs. Or just browse over Tor.

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                    That is one downside - one option may be to periodically rotate between VPS providers (or even use a single provider’s APIs to allocate and deallocate IPs, but that may raise some flags). One other downside is that some content providers (eg, Netflix) block access from VPS providers as they can be used to circumvent regional content restrictions. Similarly, routing all traffic via a provider in a different country may result in seeing content tailored for that country by default instead of content for your country of residence.

                    I’ve been looking at doing this myself for a while, but haven’t quite arrived at an ideal solution.

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                    I use Ramnode, they’re very cheap for things like this.

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                    You may consider wanting to help services like Tor and I2P as well. More nodes will help improve network performance and grow the community for each.

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                      I have been using Cloak for years. They are awesome.

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                      Suggest law.