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      Someone did this manually on facebook: https://www.wired.com/2014/08/i-liked-everything-i-saw-on-facebook-for-two-days-heres-what-it-did-to-me/

      They got sent down a fascist rabbit hole in no time. While poisoning Google’s database sounds desirable, I’d also rather not be classified as a fascist.

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        that’s what happens on pretty much any platform. By default you get trapped in right-wing propaganda. Especially true for youtube

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        It worries me how meaningless those historically heavy terms have become. Of course I’m being a bit sarcastic, but it’s diluted to the point of “fascist [fash-ist] noun, a person who has clicked a bunch of ads” and if in the year 2049 the government takes browsing history into account to judge a person, I will go to jail, because I installed Ad Nauseam 5 years ago and forgot to turn it off.

        I’d also rather not be classified as a fascist.

        I sometimes worry about this too. Like with 4chan and the OK-Hand sign, context gets so painfully lost. Lines become blurred and doing mallice with those blurred lines becomes easy. Be it the fault of algorithm, person or both, something should be done about this. I complain and offer no solutions, so I am a bit of a hypocrite.

        As for Ad Nauseam, I think it’s really cool what was done here and being banned off Add-on stores really shows, that they successfully annoyed a good amount of people. Be it big Ad corpo or small artist’s blog being stripped of revenue, it created a good amount of discussion, that maybe this shouldn’t be the way the internet functions. Activism done damn right.

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          a person who has clicked a bunch of ads

          But that’s not a definition, that’s a mechanism for getting categorized by algorithmic advertising as a person interested in content promoting fascism.

          Like with 4chan and the OK-Hand sign, context gets so painfully lost.

          “The OK-Hand sign being a dogwhistle was actually a 4chan prank” is the same kind of useless factoid as “tomatoes are actually a fruit not a vegetable”. Yes, it’s true, but it is inconsequential trivia. 4chan may have initially tricked some “liberals” into believing the OK-Hand sign is a hate symbol at a time when no hate group was using it that way. But very early on actual white supremacists started actually using it as a dogwhistle – at first ironically I’m sure (because some white supremacists do hang out on 4chan) but soon it spread to very offline white supremacists who just copied it because it was a thing they saw other white supremacists do and get excited about.

          There’s a difference between a teenager saying their mom is a fascist for making them clean up their room and calling people like Stefan Molyneux or Richard Spencer a fascist for promoting extreme sexism, white supremacy and violent racial power fantasies. Yes, fascism is a somewhat vague term but most of the alternatives are too euphemistic or only get at certain aspects of how the ideology is presented rather than the ideological underpinnings. Umberto Eco’s shopping list isn’t an all-or-nothing deal either.

          So yeah, calling a conservative fascist because they are a bit homophobic is a bit of a stretch, but insisting that people like Stefan Molyneux are not fascists because they don’t tick off every item on the fascism checklist is pedantic at best and directly aiding fascism at worst. It’s not like fascism is a coherent ideology to begin with, it’s more of a way to con a people to go against its own interests and submit to a Great Leader under the pretense of restoring some supposed former glory and claim to greatness while actually creating asphyxiatingly oppressive power structures and eliminating undesirables.

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      I love this idea and hooked this up after I found out about it several years ago. On the very same day I started getting CAPTCHAs on multiple websites, and the ‘mainstream web’ became unusable, unfortunately. The algorithms protecting advisors from click fraud are too sophisticated (or at least were, last time I checked) for this approach to work. I’ll just stick to dns-based adblock

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      Watch out: I used to use this extension, and got banned from recaptcha (infinite captcha wall, and audio solving not available). Most websites that have require recaptcha or that use cloudflare are terrible so this wasn’t a big loss, but you will no longer be able to access archive.is.

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        When did you last use it? I’ve been using AdNauseum for years (including on mobile) and have not had this problem. Captchas are all normal and I can definitely access archive.is.

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      My primary usecase for adblocker is to make the site load faster, I don’t care about tracking. Ad fraud detection will probably catch this (therefore making tracking work again), and if not the extra clicks just drive ad network’s revenue. I don’t understand the point.

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        The ad sector is mostly a scam: a good chunk of clicks are made by bots or automated system of some kind. The assumption is that if you can make this ratio higher and higher eventually everybody will take note, stop buying targeted ads and bring down the monstrosity that is the ad-driven internet and Facebook and Google with it.

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      I find the idea intriguing but I’m wondering if the cost (disabling adblocking at DNS level for people like me, having your browser registering lot of clicks, having your browser tracked a lot more) is worth the benefit (chaoticize ads databases).

      Maybe it’s more a plugin that should be installed on the computers of those that don’t want adblocking because they may miss stuff.

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        I also find it intriguing, but it’s not something I’d do due to the traffic/latency benefits of running with an AD blocker.

        I wonder however if being identified as a bot due to this behavior could actually be beneficial. On one hand, this would probably lead to your clicks being ignored (defeating the purpose), but on the other hand you might enter a completely separate tracking workflow and/or being ignored after being marked as “fraudulent activity”.

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      Great, but also wasteful from a resource use perspective.