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    Good post, though I think that last point, “facetime”, needs to be a bit more refined.

    It is more than a bit of an inconvenience (likely flying coach, jetlag, likely marginal hotels) for people to have to fly out to some “main office” once a month (or even every other month) just to spend a couple of days colocated in the same room with other people, all while doing the exact same things you do remotely (hang out in chat, read email, stare at a screen and type, etc). I think the bi-annual or annual (or even quarterly if you want and can afford it) “everyone meets up at some neutral, relaxing, enjoyable location for a few days or a week” type things are far more interesting and worthwhile, both as an individual and as a team.

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      “tools like Slack, Hangouts, and GitLab” wow, coming from an ex-GitHub employee that made me do a double-take.

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        I can understand why he might not want to talk their book anymore. http://zachholman.com/posts/fired/

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        Reminded me of this talk I watched recently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGIAypUUwoQ because fixing the “worse-case scenario” (remote workers) can lead to improved behavior in typical and best-case scenarios (in-office workers).