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    Is the purpose of the ServiceWorker only to invalidate the cache of the home page? I don’t understand why that is needed.

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      That’s where I was at; I could not figure out the why of … well, any of it. But that part in particular perplexed me.

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      You can also host a static website on netlify.com for free by connecting a GitHub repository that holds the site. No S3 required.

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        It’s easy. Anyone can even make more faster “website”. Try achieve this on some real websites, what brings money to people.

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          While the performance bits are interesting, the design is the bigger takeaway for me here! As someone who does not work on the front end at all its great to see what you can accomplish with knowledge of the web platform.

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            That’s awesome. I’m converting my blog to Hugo now, and likely using S3 for images/js/css. It’s about 3x faster than my current setup. It’s the way to go for blogging.

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              You can use AWS Amplify too. It takes all the heavy lifting out of CloudFront. Every time you push a commit it builds your site and pushes it out to CloudFront.