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      The page is 131.2 KB and loaded under 100ms. Button clicks (redrawing the UI) were snappy, and the UI is consistent and more or less readable. Dare I say this is a good website?

      For a better level of accuracy, might I suggest rewriting in React and pulling in every required polyfill for IE2 support. That should bring this closer to a modern website. :)

      1. 18

        I think adding a bitcoin miner in the background would do the job too ;)

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      Doesn’t have a “you should be using our mobile app instead” nag popup, and the Privacy link is just a link instead of a Quantcast-style scrolling list of 4415 “partners” which each need to be invidually disabled. Good idea but could try harder

    3. 16

      There’s something missing here: AMP!

      1. 13

        And a big intercom popup with a fake message from the website owner asking you if you have any questions.

    4. 11

      Lazy loading is missing, so that I always click on the ads instead of on the link I want, because the site still hasn’t finished loading.

      1. 2

        You’d be surprised how often this “feature” is not an accident

    5. 10

      Painfully accurate.

      1. 7

        Way too fast to be accurate.

        1. 1

          Hah, that’s true! All these comments are good examples of other terrible things sites are doing these days.

          This one was surprisingly pleasant to use.

    6. 9

      Too few do-nothing 5-second spinners!

      1. 11

        I have come to the conclusion if your website has a loading screen it is shit 100% of the time. I might make an exception for things that are real complex apps or games but there are just way way too many websites like twitter, linked in and reddit that take forever to load for no real reason other than to import half of NPM.

    7. 9

      I see only one tracker on this page: googletagmanager.

      There’s no asynchronous requests on every keystroke and mouse event, there’s no webrtc or canvas-based metadata extraction.

      How are you going to monetize your audience attention if you can’t even spy them and generate nice visualizations for your SV shareholders.


    8. 7

      Not enough painfully unfunny memes

      1. 2

        And those memes don’t show up randomly between paragraphs.

    9. 7

      it needs more autoplaying videos, how else can I run through my data plan fast enough?

    10. 3

      I wasn’t irritated enough.

    11. 2

      This didn’t heat up my hands enough…

    12. 2

      Not enough animations around everything.

    13. 1

      There is a link on this site to the version I saw originally (which is a video): https://t.me/uxlive/6571

      English version: https://hitchhiker.social/system/media_attachments/files/000/018/913/original/07f57bdeac73d17a.mp4

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      bloomca, I hope you’ve been taking notes from all these comments for version 2. Try to include everything except the Bitcoin miner since that might kill folks’ older computers. Then, submit it here so we can see… some or all of it… depending on our hardware. :)

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      I think it needs an overlay to ask you to fill a user survey that asks whether you found what you were looking for and how was usability and blabla. Of course, that popup must appear before you’ve actually seen any content on the site.