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    I have two litmus tests for a GUI toolkit, which surprisingly few pass:

    1. Create a table with a million rows. Is it responsive when I scroll through it?
    2. Create two non-rectangular shapes and flow some text loaded from a file between them. Can you do this win under 100 lines of code? As a bonus, can I also change the line breaking or hyphenation rules for the text? Can I change the kerning and ligature rules for the first paragraph, but not the second.

    The first tells me whether the authors have considered scalability or whether I’m going to hit some performance cliff later. The second tells me whether the text system is flexible enough for anything I could want to do. If not, then at some point I am going to hit a wall and need to deal with two layout engines interacting badly.

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      Which ones do you find work well for both of these?

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        Cocoa does, GNUstep does for the first, mostly works on the second but you hit a bunch of bugs. Most other things I’ve tried have failed.

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