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    As someone who moved from Python to Clojure (professionally) a year ago, this is quite exciting. The Python ecosystem is so vast (and better in quality than the JS one ime), that this opens up a lot of new avenues in the Clojure world.

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      Clojure <-> Python interop looks really nice!

      A bit off-topic: but PyTorch’s libtorch seems to have a nice API that can be supported relatively easily in other languages. E.g. I have used the tch-rs binding to port Hugging Face’s BERT model to Rust:


      This was done pretty quickly (the commit dates are not representative, I split up the commits for code review), thanks to: 1.) PyTorch has a great, very usable API, even outside Python; 2.) the tch-rs binding; 3.) transformer models (as used by BERT) are pretty simple.