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    I have never felt/had the need to look at anything other than Nginx. For us it hasn’t failed in 6years (since we migrated from Apache), not once. Envoy does open up some cool possibilities (to solve problems I don’t yet have).

    The additional protocol support looks good and it might be a time to re-engineer some of the current setups that we have, but for me, I’ll wait until the documentation expands a bit (and a few more stackoverflow.com questions appear).

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      We’ve been considering replacing Nginx with something else recently, because we keep hitting situations where Nginx has marked all the upstreams as dead and is returning 502s, but doesn’t provide any information about which upstreams it marked as dead and when. Having more introspection into what’s happening would be nice. (I think the paid version does give you that, but unfortunately that’s a little out of our price range just for more info.)

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        That’s interesting and also annoying they have solved the problem in a premium version and not allowed it into the free/open version (as technically it is a bug). Envoy does look really nice, maybe I should give it a whirl on an old BSD server and try and contribute something to the documentation, as if it does everything it claims, it’s going to be very popular.

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      I believe HAProxy still has the “no crashes in production reported in XX years” which still makes it king, and I wonder if this has had a thorough security audit being C++. It can’t hurt to have more players, though.

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        HAProxy can’t actually serve content though, so you still need something like nginx, Apache or lighttpd behind it.

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          I’ve been enjoying experimenting with haproxy and application code written in Go.

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          We had one version of HAProxy crash every 49.7 days. See https://www.mail-archive.com/haproxy@formilux.org/msg25807.html for details and search through the mailing list for more details if you want.

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          Anyone here using Envoy? Suggestion of background material that includes:

          The hard problem(s) it solves for you? The drawbacks of using Envoy that you accept because of the help in solving those hard problems?