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    It runs a LOT more than our mainframes. Most of you have probably played with a ML library at some point that may have used a Fortran library under the hood. Fortran can optimize much more easily than C/C++, due to the fact that C/C++ have to be far more careful about aliasing. This is also one reason why Rust will outperform C/C++ more and more over time, as it is able to safely apply more optimizations. C has the restrict keyword which allows similar optimizations to take place, but it’s only used in a few places and few folks know how to actually use it correctly. One reason Rust has taken longer to fully lean into these optimizations is because so few people use restrict in C that the LLVM code that handles it breaks quickly when Rust flips the optimizations on.

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      I think we hugged the site to death.

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        I was going to try to type a “funny” FORTRAN listing implying that WEBSCALE was FALSE but I don’t actually know any FORTRAN.

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          We accidentally gave them the claws. Easy to do when they’re always in front of you.


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          Suggest fortran… obviously.

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            I think I tried to add that tag when I submitted it but didn’t find it.

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