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    The board names are so confusing!

    I have one of the quad core ones, the nice thing is that it has real slots, name and SATA so IO is great and you can use a real GPU. But performance wise it’s pi4 territory. And the PI being able to run Windows 10 makes it too much of a killer board.

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      I think the non-libre firmware killed a lot of the foreign (beyond PRC domestic CPU) desires; FLOSS ideologues would only get hot and heavy over it if it met their requirements after all.

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        I was kind of surprised to fine UEFI on the board, and how PC it felt. At the same time the basic x86 emulation to at least post the AMD Radeon RX570 posts and works just fine.

        For me the bigger issue is the operating system, as you need a policy/military id to activate and use UOS.

        I did manage to score a copy, in the off chance anyone from the future needs/wants it, I put an ISO of it on archive.org: