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This is my first Chrome Extension and also first Javascript project. I haven’t done anything major with Javascript earlier.

The code is open source and I really appreciate if you have any feedback regarding code or functionality. If you have a feature request, then do open a PR.

Github link - https://github.com/avinassh/history-bleed


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    All of these lists have the same problem. Sites using CF today are not the same as sites using CF last month. A site may have been vulnerable for some time, had data cached, and then stopped using CF. In fact, a site may have decided to drop CF in response to the incident, but that makes them no less vulnerable, despite being marked as all clear. (And the other way too. Anybody signing up for CF since the incident is falsely marked vulnerable.)

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      I don’t disagree, but there is no better alternative than doing this. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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        I think it’s reasonable to do nothing. You are, most probably, not affected. And for people who really, really need certitude, they need more than this. I guess it falls into the category of “can’t hurt” but wanted to point that out. Like people are ok if one or two sites slip by, but not five or six? How was that assessment made, and how does it relate to ones risk if no action is taken?