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    I tried it out a few days ago and was quite impressed……

    ….but soon started to miss my years of tweaks….

    ..so after a bit of heart searching I dropped it.

    Sort of.

    I waded through the full list of packages it pulls in and tweaks it was doing and started to pull them into my own config.

    And now I have a weekly slot in my calendar where I teach myself how to use one of these new packages….


    The Emacs Learning curve takes a another spiral…. except the old “emacs learning curve spiral” joke has it the wrong way. The spiral doesn’t get tighter. It gets larger and larger and you fluctuate from being able to do fantastic things… to being able to do almost nothing…. and back up to being able to do more amazing things than ever….. then back around the spiral being able to do more and more faster and slicker.