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      I just see an empty page. The HTML body is just (div id="sb-root")(/div).

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        It works for me. Do you block JavaScript?

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          No, but I don’t have the most recent browser (currently Firefox 81).

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            Sounds like a bug, then!

            Some people here like to complain if a site doesn’t work with JS enabled, unfortunately usually passive-aggressively. I’m sorry I lumped you in with them!

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              I don’t mind JS; I get more upset when I have to do a browser update just to access an essential feature.

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        It doesn’t work at all in incognito mode, at least in Firefox.

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        I’m also getting an empty page on IPhone safari

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      I wonder how hard it would be to add Obsidian compatibility (same method of link resolving, block IDs, callout blocks) 🤔 It seems that it’s quite modular with its plugin system.

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        If I could immediately import my obsidian notes that’d be amazing! Might start working on a plugin… Seems to cover most of the use cases I have for obsidian but is open source which is a big win for me.

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        I was wondering the very same for other systems like Logseq or even Foam.

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          Logseq has different file structure, IIRC you can separate directories with dots in wiki links. I prefer Obsidian’s approach, where you specify a path relative to the root of your vault. It uses shortened version if note name is unique.

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            Ah how interesting!

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      What would be the best way to store version history? I’d probably want it to git commit everything automatically. Is this something a plugin can do?

      Or maybe that’s better handled separately. There might be some generic tool that watches a directory for changes and commits automatically.

      Oh, but maybe sqlite in git is a bad idea? (Edit: you’d probably just gitignore it since it can always be rederived from the .md files.)

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      This looks fantastic. I just added the backlinks Plug, nice! I wish everything (even Back) was a command. I also wish for a cheat sheet on hotkeys.

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      Which Markdown? We have 10 forks masquerading as though they’re unified or compatible.

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      I got this set up on fly.io yesterday and am loving it so far! It was relatively painless to set up, and now I have notes that sync across my work machine, phone, and iPad. The core functionality is similar enough to Obsidian that I feel comfortable moving to silverbullet full time. There’s also plenty of space to develop my own plugs, something I’ll be looking into over the next few weeks.

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      How does this compare to Logseq?