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    The history of ERNIE 1 through ERNIE 5 is fascinating, but you have to wonder about the practicality of using a hardware RNG for all your randomness today, even if “quantum”. A properly built fast-key erasure CSPRNG, initially seeded with a true random seed of course, is generally preferred over a HWRNG for high quality randomness. The Linux RNG uses a ChaCha20 fast-key erasure setup, and its performance is respectable:

    $ dd if=/dev/urandom bs=16M | pv -S -s 100G > /dev/null
     100GiB 0:04:45 [ 358MiB/s] [================================>] 100%
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      Does anyone know about the legal standing of random number generators with regards to lotteries (which the Premium Bonds were)? Maybe they have to be hardware-random because of statute.

      I seem to remember the Nevada Gambling Comission getting pretty technical when it came to slot machines.

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        I made a Freedom of Information Request to the Government Actuary’s Department in the U.K. I’ll report back with their response.