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    I’ve done the first three available courses in this and it’s been really good.

    The first course is a bit like “Make Your Own Neural Network” (https://www.amazon.com/Make-Your-Own-Neural-Network-ebook/dp/B01EER4Z4G) where a neural network is coded from scratch. The second course goes through some optimisations to speed things up and improve accuracy. Some basic Tensorflow is introduced. The third course is really short and focusses on structuring training/dev/test data sets.

    The Python bits are done in Jupyter notebooks which Coursera host themselves, so you don’t need to setup anything locally.

    The remaining two courses will be available in October and November.

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      That’s v interesting to hear. I was thinking I’d have to do the next session as I can’t start on anything till 1 Oct but maybe I can catch up. How close are the estimated times to the reality?

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        Accurate enough. You can start and switch sessions later if you need to pause and catch up.