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    For unbalanced teams of multiple players, it might be worth checking out TrueSkill. I think it handles unbalanced teams of multiple players better than Elo does. a nice PDF

    Great article! I always find that working on something that you and your friends immediately use is super fun, I always use it as a chance to try out something new.

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      For unbalanced teams of multiple players, it might be worth checking out TrueSkill

      Thanks for this resource! I might prototype with this later.

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        An ex-colleague of mine implemented trueskill on the frontend for a table football scoreboard we used at work. I think he in turn adapted it from a python implementation. If you’re lucky there’s something useful in there!

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          Thank you! This library is super clear and helpful.

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      We alter our game settings (e.g. crew vision, kill cooldown) over time to encourage a 50/50 win rate of crew and imposter teams but as far as a general rating is concerned, this will even itself out in the long run because players will have an equal number of games on each side.

      How do you do that? If the crew:imposter ratio is 3:1 you’d expect about 75% of your games to be crew.

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        Ah, I don’t think I was clear here. I’m referring to the teams rather than the players. We try to make sure that each side wins roughly 50% of the time. However, you’re correct that this leads to more individual crew wins given that the format is 2 vs 8.

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          Right, but all players will have that distribution (that is, equality between players not sides).

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          One thing I’d like seeing is an Among Us player discovery something (channel, subreddit, app, website…).

          I am fortunate enough to have multiple >10 friends groups to play the game with, but not everyone’s that lucky, there may be small groups of 3-4 or even lonely players that don’t get to enjoy the game at its best.

          I may not have the time to code that, but if someone does this reach me out for hosting.