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    I subscribe to Pinboard’s archiving feature in order to get this. I don’t use it often, but when I need it, it’s worth it. Sometimes the content has simply moved, but other times the site is offline (guess I need an archive of Pinboard’s archive though…).

    This statistic quoted in the article is worrying:

    A 2014 Harvard Law School study by Jonathan Zittrain, Kendra Albert and Lawrence Lessig, determined that approximately 50% of the URLs in U.S. Supreme Court opinions no longer link to the original information.

    It will be very difficult for future courts to track down these references (unlike those in books).

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      Can Pinboard deep-archive a site?

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        No, it only saves the page you bookmark. It does download assets, though, so you can look at it later more-or-less how it looked at the time.

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          FWIW with the new headless mode Chrome can save a PDF from the command line quite easily. To me, a PDF has always seemed superior to trying to save all the assets and such, particularly in this age of heavy client-side “apps”.

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        I’ve had some experience trying to track down old projects after their original site has long-since faded away, and it’s not an easy task (even with archive.org doing so much). I keep thinking about having an easy workflow to cache content/bookmarks and store them in IPFS for anything that I don’t want to end up missing, but organization and discoverability is a hard problem.

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            A while ago I had the domain immutableweb.io with the idea of archiving websites with immutable shasum links for the purpose of references in wiki articles.

            Unfortunately this didn’t happen, but the idea still seems decent to me.

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              definitely a neat idea.

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              I’m slowly switching away from as many streaming/cloud and other related services, and back to simply buying, owning, and storing things. A local copy, and then a couple remotely (i.e. rsync.net). I’ve had so many albums on Spotify, videos on YouTube, defunct web apps, etc. that I want to avoid this happening more.

              I have an idea for a side-project that I’m kicking around in regards to this that I’ll hopefully make some way on soon.

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                For personal archiving I’ve had good mileage out of camlistore; though it doesn’t yet offer playlists or anything, the backup model fits well with how I want things stored.

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                  I had never seen that before, thanks!

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                  How do you get TV shows and movies without DRM? I’m happy to strip DRM, but only if I have bought it.

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                    I tend to just buy the DVDs at local stores.

                    Ripping from streaming services (eg youtube-dl) is an arms race I’m not keen to get too involved in (although it also seems to work well).

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                      I don’t actually watch too much TV, but for the shows I do like I’ve bought DVD boxsets basically.