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    Combined with git-appraise, a code review tool that stores review requests and metadata in the repository itself, this could be a solution for “completely secure” team software engineering.

    Has anyone used git-appraise with their team? I’ve wanted to give it a try but haven’t really found a reason or team willing to try it out.

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      One could imagine that keybase is watching this space and is evaluating the possibilities of integrating this, or something like it. A git-appraise UI in the app, perhaps?

      The compliance story is really strong here. Verified pushes, verified sign-offs! Exciting!

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        I work at keybase (https://keybase.io/patrick) and will pass along the suggestion…thanks!

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          You should get a keybase hat!

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      I’m super interested in this, except for the part where it seems to have an explicit dependency on keybase’s infrastructure? I don’t have any qualms with keybase as a company, but it’d be nice to be able to use this in restricted environments where I may not have access to keybase, or if I want data that isn’t subject to keybases availability constraints.