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    I’ve said this before in relation to Apple and Google platforms, and it looks worth repeating as regards Microsoft: this is what you get if you develop software for closed source, proprietary, walled gardens.

    It’s like the 80s and 90s OS wars, and the 90s browser wars, all over again (even with several of the original players).

    Another generation of developers discovers what it’s like to be cannon fodder…

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      Agreed, this is true on Apple as well. We have an internal application that helps users connect to some internal services @ $WORK, that I’m responsible for. We’ve since given up on trying to keep our application building and running on proprietary platforms, and have switched to a web-based solution, and more user-training on how to do the little things the app just did for them.

      It’s sad that even in-house apps like mine are getting punched in the gut on these platforms, in the name of “security”.