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    Note that this requires payment to access settings.

    Nothing wrong with it, but the website doesn’t mention it. Thought it was a free alternative to Bartender.

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      What does it say under “Let’s make a deal.”?

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        It becomes a manual share-ware scheme. If you don’t want to pay $4, you can instead share it with people, and if 4 people download it from the link, the author will give you a free license key (it doesn’t require them to buy a license). But it’s all done manually, so it might take some time for you to get that key.

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        It mostly is a free alternative. The extra features are nice, but you can theoretically get it to start at login without their checkbox.

        I think I like it more than bartender though. The second bar doesn’t work all that well (I have issues with right clicking on items), this just hides them while they’re still in the main bar.

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        Any link to the source?