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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      My birthday is this weekend, so I’ll be spending some of it celebrating with family and friends. I’m sure I’ll do some karaoke. I’m turning 42, so I think my sister and I will watch the movie version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy together at some point. Other than that, I don’t know yet.

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        Happy Bday! 😊

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      I’m now on the job market (link to resume/CV below). I’m going to look for and apply to a number of infosec jobs. So if anyone’s hiring someone who loves anything related to infosec, please let me know.

      I’m also hoping to spend some time hiking Patapsco State Park with my dogs. And perhaps work on Cross-DSO CFI in HardenedBSD. I’d like to start work on deep integration of llvm’s CFI runtime and the RTLD.

      Link to resume: https://hardenedbsd.org/~shawn/2022%20Shawn%20Webb%20Resume%20Sanitized.pdf

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      Working on final sanity check (already caught a few typos that I missed in earlier drafts) for my “Computing from the Command Line” ebook. Will likely publish early next week. Longest book I’ve worked on so far, with many more chapters planned for the next version. But that’ll have to wait as I’m planning to update all my previous books first, as well as add some new ways to earn income.

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        The title is mysterious - what is it really about?

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          Haha, I’ll take mysterious and hope the title doesn’t turn out to be misleading! It’s a beginner-intermediate level ebook for learning Linux CLI tools and shell scripting (file management, text processing, etc - no sysadmin/network stuff). The web version can be read here: https://learnbyexample.github.io/cli-computing/ (PDF/EPUB will be published next week).

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      Pub drinking!

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      I miss writing code analysers so I will probably look into static analysis of Zig. Besides that, spending time with family, cinema and preparing slides for an upcoming presentation.

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      Helping out at the sailing club again to build more of the new jetty, then heading over to a friend’s yacht in Wales for a visit.

      Still tinkering with the homelab setup, think I’ve settled on NAS exposed via NFS with other systems mounting NAS storage over the network to use it. Now to configure it all and test it out.

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      Implementing a KZG-ceremony client for Ethereum, in a programming language of choice :-)

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      Winterizing an RV, cutting down and junking up a few trees, and working on the Ecstasy crypto module.

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      Having a Halloween horror movie & game night, dressing up as Mr. Clean, bag some leaves and do some coding with the time I have left before my holidays end on Monday 🙂 As I expected, there’s no lack of work out there for me.

      I’m trying to figure out a nice way to create component-like code in HTML canvas - just haven’t had the time to play. I find it really difficult to do this kind of exploration purely in my head… I need code in front of me to manipulate, otherwise I find it’s too much I have to hold at once. Anyone else have this “problem”?

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      It’s been a busy few weeks at work and personally. I’m trying to have a nice relaxing weekend. I might write a C++ implementation of that transit language comparison repo posted here a while ago since I’ve been missing just writing code.

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      I’m on a business trip in Bengaluru and trying to figure how to entertain myself. I already saw most of important mysore sights, not sure what else is there.

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      I’m doing day three out of four in the Portland (OR) Neighborhood Emergency Team training. (A.k.a. FEMA “CERT” anywhere that isn’t one homonymous character swap away from the name for the local SWAT team.)

      If we’re all very lucky, I can consider it just shy of 30 hours of in-person training to do disaster cosplay. If we’re not so lucky and the Cascadia Subduction Zone goes “pop” some time soon, it might be one of the most useful and important skill sets and connections I’ve ever made.

      So…here’s to cosplay, I hope/guess?

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      I’m flying back home from Kubecon so I’ll probably spend most of the weekend sleeping.

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      I will start a new job on the 2nd November, so I am a bit stressed about it

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      Continuing my intentional break from writing about markup. Taking a little time to tend some back-burner shell profile projects (https://github.com/abathur/shellswain, https://github.com/abathur/shell-hag) that I’ve been neglecting.

      I’ve gotten them both mostly tested and refactored by this point, so I’m moving on to a few fixes/changes/features I want to get settled before first release.

      I’m back in a bit of a testing quandry at the moment. They’re meant for interactive use, so testing them well has proven a little tricky. I’ve been wrapping the test runs in socat, which has been working well enough for job control/tty issues (though sometimes it flakes and provides no output?). I’ve also seen mentions of using unbuffer, script, and stdbuf for something like this, but I don’t have perspective on what’s best.

      I’m hoping to restrict some user-input requests to interactive sessions (currently with test -t 0) but also be able to test them. Not sure I’ll be able to get that to work without using an env that can override the FD check?

      Would love to be told I’m missing something obvious, but it feels like the missing piece is “Selenium, but for Terminals”…

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      Work. :C

      And the Autumn Lisp Game Jam! In between the cracks. Hopefully can play around with TIC-80 and make something simple but satisfying.

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      I had a third date planned with this awesome woman tonight, then I tested positive for Covid yesterday and had to cancel. I feel fine. We’re planning to do something online together tonight. Zoom and … ? Any ideas for a virtual date would be great. Thanks!

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        Jackbox games? (Maybe more fun with friends). Watch a movie together via screen sharing? …uh yeah that’s all I got.

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        Little late but https://boardgamearena.com/

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      I’ll be taking part in the one hour game jam, cleaning up the house in preparation for Halloween, playing RE: Remake, and doing something related to Squaring the Circle (was a small trend on cohost last week)

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      catching up after kubecon. doing my post kubecon todo. watching football

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      I’m building an AWS Lambda Function that compiles Go binaries for use in other lambda functions.

      The problem is that there isn’t a good way to tell Terraform to make a lambda from some Go source code–the code must first be compiled for the lambda target. Terraform has a local_exec function which could let it shell out to the Go toolchain, but that seems hacky and likely to produce different results between systems (e.g., different versions of the Go toolchain installed on different developer machines).

      Instead, I’d like Terraform to build a tarball of the Go source code and send that to my ‘builder’ lambda function which will then compile it, zip it up into a lambda-ready zip artifact, and put it into S3. From there, Terraform can reference that S3 location in an aws_lambda_function resource.

      This is the first time I’ve had to dabble with container image lambdas, which is necessary in order to package up the Go toolchain.

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      Integrating webauthn into my social webapp to enable registration without needing an email or phone number. The once ios safari web notifications arrive, I’ll be able to have a full app without PII.

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      Trying to figure out why my RDI BriteLite IPX is showing a white screen (it otherwise works).