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    Am I allowed to say this is just building a basic qt application and has nothing to do with the specifics of pty handling?

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      I’d just like to say that Qt isn’t very minimal (too soon?).

      I must say I did learn something in this article – namely, that Qt has a terminal widget that I could use to easily bootstrap a new application that includes a terminal emulator. I pretty much assumed that was the case, already, without knowing for sure. But what I really wanted to see is the way in which it was “scriptable.” I was hoping for some creativity – maybe implementing tmux style stuff in the Qt frames, or something. I am disappoint.

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        Am I allowed to say …

        You are! Why such question in the first place?

        And I do agree that this article kinda overpromises with the title and not much of the content

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          I think @tedu is providing a commentary on the recent moderation debacle (is it a debacle? I don’t know) that’s spawned lots of debate in the Lobste.rs community. I’ll let you investigate rather than link.