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      Would someone with only a few months’ acquaintance with Plan 9 (such as me) feel welcome at this?

      1. 5


        We’d love to help people interested in hacking on plan 9 hit the ground running.

      2. 2

        I don’t know about plan 9 so I can’t say for sure but there is overwhelming likelihood that you will be welcome.

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      I’m really excited enthusiasm for Plan 9 is still going strong. Sadly, I will not be able to make it, but certainly will wait for the recordings.

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      http://5e.iwp9.org/iwp95e.pdf Interesting.

      I did not think that Plan 9 was this much inter-operable with Linux.

      Looking forward to the 9th edition of iwp9!

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      This sounds interesting. I wonder if the talks will be recorded and published?

      1. 8

        We should have recordings.

      2. 6

        Talks will be recorded, and posted on the site

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          read the announcement twice, and missed that. sorry.

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