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      I’ve reconsidered my position on Net Neutrality. The idea that without government controls ISPs would throttle speeds sounded plausible, yet after the rules were scrapped speeds in the US jumped 30%.

      Seems to me the marketplace is a better way to ensure fast internet. If my ISP misbehaves, I can switch. The last mile issue is becoming less and less relevant, so why gum up the Works with regulations that are expensive to enforce?

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        If my ISP misbehaves, I can switch

        Millions of people, at least in the US, cannot switch to a comparable alternative, so this argument does not really make sense for many people.

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        They likely did this to win people over, like you. But if all ISPs agree to do the same thing, you can’t really switch later. Forming cartels is the easiest thing for a market with so few players.

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        Like drug dealers offering samples.