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    Obligatory wat talk.

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        I don’t think that chart is accurate. According to the chart [] should work as NaN does for reflective, but if you try it both in the game and in the JS console it doesn’t. So I think it may be safe to say, don’t trust that table…

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          I think the chart is pretty accurate; according to the chart [] != [] and in fact it is (being the left and right different instances of Array), only NaN works in reflective because it is only the value that is different from itself, i.e. if a = [] then a == a holds true while if a = NaN it does not.

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      Can someone explain like I’m a C developer? I’m supposed to type true in the box? Is there more to it? This post seems unusually popular for something so simple.

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          1/0 is infinity, 0/0 is NaN.

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            Ah, it doesn’t seem to like me enough to advance to the next level.

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              Try manually picking the next level via the sidebar on the right.

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              You could have typed NaN. ;) There are other ways than 0/0 to get NaN btw, for instance +undefined.

              Also it seems the game is so popular that it cannot handle answers logging anymore:

              SQLite3 returned ErrorBusy while attempting to perform exec "update entry set score=3,  code='NaN' where uid='9Djp/rQTuuwwHzY' and lid='reflexive'": database is locked
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                i tried functions that return random values, it checks that the functions are not equal to themselves. it is unclear how to make this pass.

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                where’s the box?

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                  Between the parentheses of the function call, near the bottom. There’s a right-pointing triangle at the start of that line. If it works properly on your browser, it probably already has input focus when the page loads.

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                    Im using palemoon and all i see is text “return true to win”

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                      Oh, some friends ran into this issue yesterday and I think it turned out that they didn’t have the Let’s Encrypt root certificate, or something? I know that it showed up in the console as a failed resource load.

                      Of course, it may not be worth all that debugging just to play…

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                Welp, I’m stuck at the “Counter” level. Gotta sleep on this one, maybe I can figure it out tomorrow.