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2020 is over, let’s see what opportunities the new year brings!

Template below:

**Company:** XXXXXX

**Company site:** XXXXX

**Position(s):** XXXXXX

**Location:** XXXXXX (please specify whether REMOTE or ONSITE)

**Description:** XXXX

**Tech stack:** XXXXXX

**Contact:** XXXXXX
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    We have a bunch of of open positions at the moment, this one is for my team:

    Company: Microsoft Research Cambridge

    Company site: Cambridge lab

    Position(s): Senior Researcher

    Location: Cambridge (UK). On site, in theory, though everyone is remote at the moment. Post-pandemic, the policy is up to 50% WFH without any manager approval, more might be negotiable.

    Description: I’m hiring researchers to look at hardware / software co-design for security. People with a background in computer architecture, compilers, or operating systems who are interested in security and want to work with experts in the other fields. We’re working a lot with (CHERI)(https://chericpu.org) in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and Arm on the Digital Security by Design programme, on the Verona programming language and on other hardware / software techniques. We also work closely with various product teams.

    Tech stack: We generally use LLVM for compiler things and often work with the Visual Studio team, Linux / FreeBSD / Windows for kernel things, and increasingly BlueSpec SystemVerilog for hardware prototyping (bsc is open source now, if anyone wants to try it out!).

    Contact: Send me a message!

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      Company: Gather

      Company site: gather.town

      Position(s): WebRTC/Video Engineer, Infra Engineer, Backend/Fullstack/Frontend Engineers

      Location: REMOTE – check out our headquarters

      Description: We are building a virtual universe which fundamentally improves how people interact online. Starting with social events, conferences, offices, universities, and other virtual gathering places.

      Tech stack: NodeJS, React, Typescript, Kubernetes, MediaSoup, Firebase

      Contact: jobs@gather.town

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        Absolutely love y’all’s product, one of my favorite pieces of software to use!

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          Thanks :)

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        Company: Bitnomial

        Company site: https://bitnomial.com

        Positions: Software Engineer, Operations Engineer

        Location: Chicago, IL - REMOTE

        Description: We’re a CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange all written in Haskell. Our first products are Bitcoin futures and options. We use ansible and terraform for our operations automation. Trading industry experience is a plus. Check out some of our open source projects at https://github.com/bitnomial

        Tech stack: Haskell, Postgres, Ansible, Terraform, AWS

        Contact: careers@bitnomial.com

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          Is it only for US residents?

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          Company: Radiopaedia

          Company site: radiopaedia

          Position(s): We don’t have a specific level for the role; if you like what we do get in touch.

          Location: Remote, Australia preferred, but as long as you can get some overlap with AEST I don’t think it’d be a problem. Both developers currently working on it are part time & remote.

          Description: Radiopaedia is a free encyclopaedia for radiology. We’re one of the worlds biggest educational resources for learning how to read medical images (xray, ct scan, mri, etc). Particularly helpful for med students, and for doctors in the developing world where there’s often no radiologist available.

          Tech stack: Rails, Postgres, Memcached, Elasticsearch, on AWS. Some Typescript + React.

          Contact: daniel@heath.cc

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            Company: Moat (an Oracle company)

            Company site: moat.com

            Position(s): Senior Backend Developer

            Location: Remote in Canada

            Description: Looking for folks with 6+ years experience on backend systems in production with tech like PostgreSQL/MySQL, Go, Python, and PHP all on Linux.

            As an independent observer of ad effectiveness, we deal with billions of events every day and the software for ingesting and reporting on those events. Lots of interesting software challenges working with many of the biggest brands and agencies in the world.

            Tech stack: Python, Go, PHP, PostgreSQL, Linux, Kubernetes

            Contact: I’m one of the hiring managers so philip dot eaton at oracle dot com

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              Company: Capital Group

              Company site: Investment Group Technologies

              Position(s): Software Engineer, Search / ML

              Location: Los Angeles or Seattle (pre-Covid we were onsite, right now we are remote, it’s not clear what things will look like post-Covid)

              Description: Right now I’m looking to hire a mid-to-senior level engineer with a focus on search relevance and machine learning (mostly NLP stuff at the moment, although who knows what the future holds). Basically I’m looking for a solid software engineer who knows some things about ML and search, or alternatively an experienced data scientist with strong engineering skills. Lots of interesting problems to solve, and you’d get to work with me.

              Tech stack: Python (+ all the usual data/ML libraries), Elasticsearch, SQL, more AWS services than I care to list out

              Contact: send me a message here or email me: joel dot grus at capgroup dot com

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                Company: AUCloud

                Company site: https://australiacloud.com.au/

                Position(s): Senior DevOps Engineer

                Location: Australia/Brisbane (Remote: Maybe; within AU. Must be Australian citizen)

                Description: AUCloud is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join AUCloud’s mission to build a sovereign, secure cloud that provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and services protected markets such as government agencies, defense and businesses that require data sovereignty with the assurance.

                Tech stack: VMWare, Docker, Docker Swarm, Terraform, Ansible.

                Contact: I am the DevOps Team Lead hiring for this position.. In addition I’m also looking to hire Mid to Senior DevOps in Canberra (x2) and 1 Senior DevOps Engineer in Brisbane. I can be reached at jmills at australiacloud dot com dot au or prologic at shortcircuit dot net dot au

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                  Company: LaFleur Marketing

                  Company site: https://lafleur.marketing

                  Position(s): Frontend Web Developer

                  Location: Grand Rapids, MI (Remote for now, eventually you’ll need to go into the office on occasion)

                  Description: Looking for a frontend dev with a year or two of experience and a bit of WordPress knowledge. Main role is building WP page templates in a custom theme, and some landing pages on other platforms (Hubspot, Sharpspring, Unbounce, etc)

                  Tech stack: WordPress, HTML, CSS (Scss), JS, PHP

                  Contact: Message me here or email emerson dot veenstra at lafleur dot marketing

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                    Company: Mesh

                    Company site: https://mesh.xyz/

                    Position(s): Senior Applied Research Engineer

                    Location: REMOTE (team is 100% remote)

                    Description: Join a small team of engineers and applied researchers working on the core Ethereum protocol. In 2020 we developed and presented a viable path to Account Abstraction (EIP-2938) and implemented one of the biggest consensus changes in Ethereum to date (EIP-2718) in go-ethereum. In 2021 we plan to support the EIP-1559 and eth1-eth2 merge efforts.

                    Tech stack: Rust, Go

                    Contact: matt dot garnett at mesh dot xyz

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                      Company: Remote.com

                      Company site: https://remote.com

                      Position(s): Frontend Engineers, IT Support, Senior Elixir Engineers

                      Location: REMOTE

                      Description: Remote is creating more remote jobs in the world by making it possible to employ people in every country. Not as a contractor, but as a fully legal, local employee, with all the benefits that come with that. Think Stripe for employing people.

                      Tech stack: Elixir, Phoenix, React, PostgreSQL, k8s, Redis

                      Contact: send me message here or lukasz dot niemier at remote dot com (I am engineer, but I can forward you then to the recruiter)

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                        Company: Elation Health

                        Company site: elationhealth.com

                        Position(s): Backend, Frontend, Sales Engineer

                        Location: REMOTE - (US focused)

                        Description: We build software for independent primary care practices.

                        Tech stack: python, mysql, redis, elasticsearch, react, typescript, redux

                        Contact: andrew dot talbot at elationhealth dot com

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                          Company: Code Yellow BV

                          Company site: https://www.codeyellow.nl/vacanCY.html

                          Position(s): Medior / Senior Front-End Developer, Medior / Senior Backend Developer, and more

                          Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands (ONSITE)

                          Description: We build (web / mobile) applications that streamline critical business processes. Because each application is part of a critical process, it is used intensively by thousands of employees daily. The clients range in different fields: transport, sales, health, production and telecom. The range of different fields gives insight in problems unique to those fields, but also interesting overlapping problems.

                          Tech stack: Django, Postgres, React, Flutter, Docker, Cypress

                          Contact: contact@codeyellow.nl or DM me

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                            Company: AtoB

                            Company site: atob.co

                            Position(s): Founding Team - Backend/Fullstack/Frontend Engineers

                            Location: REMOTE or San Francisco Bay Area. US Visa sponsorship is available.

                            Description: AtoB is building Stripe for Transportation – modernizing payments infrastructure in the trucking industry.

                            This is an exciting opportunity to join an early stage startup working in a huge industry with over a trillion dollars in transaction flow. Trucking is the backbone of the American economy and we have identified opportunities to replace the broken payments infrastructure & help small businesses.

                            Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, React, Javascript, Typescript, AWS.

                            Contact: hiring@atob.co

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                              Company: Golem Foundation

                              Company site: Golem Foundation

                              Position(s): Public Communicator

                              Location: Work is mostly REMOTE but requires regular visits to Warsaw, Poland (few days every 1-2 months).

                              Description: We are a well-funded, highly experienced, diverse international team of developers and InfoSec experts currently working on an open protocol that enables data management agnostic to the underlying infrastructure, with the user always in the driver seat. We are looking for an experienced public communicator, preferably with high technical skills (being comfortable with command-line tools and git is a must), to serve as an evangelist for the project.

                              Tech stack: Software engineering/development experience is not a strict requirement, but may turn out to be very useful in this position. At the minimum, you must feel comfortable with command-line tools and git, be able to interact with prototype software as well as understand and be able to contribute to its documentation.

                              Contact: join@wildland.io

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                                Company: Spectrum

                                Company site: spectrumcustomizer.com


                                Location: REMOTE, US only. We intend to reopen our office in Portland, Oregon pending a safer pandemic infection rate.

                                Description: Spectrum is a product customization platform bootstrapped by a digital agency. It consists of a 3D renderer, cloud-based APIs (including one for rasterizing 3D renderings), factory integrations, several implementations ranging from Levi’s to Leatherman, and a tight-knit team of people I’m proud to call my colleagues.

                                We’re looking for senior to expert level candidates with experience in WebGL, Vue, and/or .NET to help us improve rendering quality; participate in the Khronos glTF standard and 3DCommerce working group; and standardize our tools and processes to scale our business to support more clients and products.

                                Tech stack:

                                • WebGL
                                • Vue
                                • C#
                                • Azure

                                Contact: Send applications to careers@spectrumcustomizer.com. DM me if you have any questions.

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                                  Company: Torqata

                                  Company site: https://torqata.com/

                                  Position(s): Senior Data Engineer, Senior Front-End (Angular) Software Engineer, Senior Full Stack Engineer, Senior Python Software Engineer, Senior Software Automation Engineer (Python), Senior Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

                                  Location: REMOTE - the team is headquartered in Charlotte, NC but we support permanent remote work

                                  Description: We’re building SaaS tools to help car tire sales shops improve their profitability. https://torqata.com/

                                  Tech stack: Our frontend stack is Angular. Our backend API stack is Python, FastAPI, and PostgreSQL. Our data stack is Google BigQuery, Airflow, Kubernetes, Pandas and Python. We’re on the Google Cloud Platform.

                                  Contact: dgilman at atd-us dot com