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    If you liked this as much as I did, please take the time to see previous submissions by the same author - this is a really remarkable collection of visualizations.

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      I recognised the style from the GPS article. Even the bits of that where I already understood the concepts were a fantastic read. I’m looking forward to spending the time to read through this one properly.

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      These articles are the dream multimedia CD-ROM encyclopedias had in the 90’s, finally realizied.

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        This is truly a wonderful article that constructs a mechanical watch movement from first principles and interactively. This helped me clear up some misconceptions I had about this topic. Definitely recommended!

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          Those visualizations are as great an engineering feat as a watch movement. Truly the Rolex of webpages.

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            Readily available online, not after spending months (or years) on a waitlist so that the author maybe allows you to read it – I’d say it’s an Omega ;)

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            What was this made with?

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              WebGL, someone pointed this out on hacker news (its the top comment): https://ciechanow.ski/js/watch.js

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                Doesn’t seem to work for me. I guess that’s what you get for running OpenBSD.

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              While not nearly as clean and having little in regards to the physics, if you’re a fan of detailed visualizations of mechanisms, World of Guns on Steam has dozens and dozens of very detailed weapons to take apart and reassemble.

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                As a vintage watch collector, this was gold (not gold plated!).

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                  One of my vague ideas for a 3d printing project is a clock with a stack of wheels showing minute, hour and weekday, this makes me want to start working on it right now!