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    Something about the continued embrace of the Tron aesthetic brings me great joy. I remember watching the original movie as a child and the reboot as an older individual. Both times, I fell in love with the visual motifs. Excited to see this project continue.

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      Hey I saw your post on /r/unixporn and it was a fun ride. Great job, haven’t seen the code yet, but it looks clean on the surface, just a few classes. Would love to see pictures of the different themes you have, if you can add them to the repo and I’d appreciate it to be notified.

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        FYI, I didn’t create this, just saw it referenced in a blog post and shared it here. I’m not sure if the creator is a lobsters member. :)

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          No problem then, I should look for the author’s post in the place I saw it for the first time.

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        Wow, just look at the TOP PROCESSES panel!

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          This looks pretty damn cool

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            Very nice. I have to look at how the keyboard stuff is being made - would be nice for Twitch streaming.

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              useless and buggy

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                Please at least elaborate on how it’s buggy, otherwise you just sound like a jerk.

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                  If you’ve faced an issue that’s not open yet try reporting it on Github, the maintainer seems to be friendly and active.