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    Cool article, but not what I expected from the phrase window manager!

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      In hindsight, I guess the tag should have given it away. But I enjoyed the surprise as well :)

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        Missed the hardware tag too. Been looking at electric blinds recently and the off the shelf ones seem prohibitively expensive.

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          TechCrunch Disrupt 2019: “Electric Blinds Meets Machine Learning Monitored and Controlled via a $5 Droplet!”

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            Author here. Although the raw material I used is <10$, as a rule for all DIY projects you should always consider the time and equipment needed. I’ve seen some motorized shades for ~200$, which for a finished/professional product is quite ok.

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          It doesn’t even support ICCCM!

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          came to learn about writing a desktop window manager in 2018, got rickrolled. robot-window-blinds are still cool. though.

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            100% Cool project. I feel like a project like this for me would turn into a billion revision. He must have been really practiced to even pull this off within a single week.

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              These blinds are identical to mine and I’ve thought about something similiar a few times. I do feel that ‘wasting’ a full board per window is excessive, though. I need to come up with a way to control a motor per blind from one central device.