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      I wrote a shell script to fetch all the links from the main page, shuffle and play them in random order with mplayer, if anyone’s interrested: https://p.iotek.org/z2c

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      I love this series, and have all of them. Highly recommend datasette and Com Truise.

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        +1 for Com Truise. All of his stuff is great, although of particular interest to this demographic is his ‘Komputer Cast’ podcast series.

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      Anything Daniel Lopatin is fantastic work-time music

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      I really like the use of solarized + monospace font for the design… and the simplicity in general for the interface. Well done.

      As for the music, I’ll have to give it a try. I used to exclusively listen to punk / hardcore while coding, and grooved out really well. Recently, I’ve been putting on random jazz, seeded from Dizzy Gillespie, on Rdio. Been enjoying it.

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        Their edited Monokai theme is available for download in tmtheme format. It looks sweet, just need an Emacs version.

        and codemac is right it’s excellent music

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      Great compliation, Ive often resorted to this ever-growing reddit list combined with a reddit player: https://reddit.musicplayer.io/r/musicforconcentration

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      This is fantastic, love the interface and the music.

      It would be awesome if each playlist included timestamps for the tracks so I could tell which track is currently playing.

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      Related: new Oneohtrix Point Never is out today. If you haven’t listened to 0PN I highly recommend his entire catalog. Very abstract, sometimes harsh, useful for making you feel like cyborg constructing monstrosities of code.


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      I created a small project to download all the episodes (before the website update, so I’m not sure it still works): https://github.com/gnclmorais/musicForProgramming