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    I like the model of this a lot, and have even written about an idea to replace social aggregators in a way similar to this. The problem I always end up having is deduplication. Ultimately, a link will get “reblogged” with or without credit, and I’ll eventually see the same link 5-6 times (over a large timespan, mind you).

    The bigger problem these days though, is that there are only so many people disciplined enough to do this, and not too many valuable feeds to follow. Everyone joined the social sites and stopped following and producing the “microblogs,” sadly.

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      I read most of the article, but I’m not sure what inks actually is. It’s 90% up my alley, but I’m missing a line or two explaining what it is - just looking at the page wasn’t too revealing for me.

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        seems like a minimal version of Pinboard?

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          A more personal Slashdot - links with editor-written snark and insight. Or something like Daring Fireball, where its a dude’s thoughts on things he shares on the internet. Or maybe its inks - it’s links, but without an “l.”