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    chrome has a lot of quirks that are really annoying to code around. I totally get where this guy is coming from.

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      How do people with android phones live? I’m forever sad about the appalling performance of sites, and that’s with the latest iphone 6s.

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        Firefox browser + NoScript extension

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          Having recently switched back from Android to iOS: I used Firefox most of the time on Android, because the web with ads is terrible on a mobile phone (especially accidental ad taps). But boy, Firefox' rendering on Android feels really slow (this was on a Moto X 2014). Safari on iOS feels at least as fast as Chrome on Android, but with ad blocking.

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          To a certain extent you avoid crappy sites. But most of the time it just doesn’t matter. What would you even be doing on a web page where performance matters? I mean sure, don’t do linear algebra in chrome on your android phone, but most of the time you’re not doing linear algebra.

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            From what I’ve gathered, linear algebra might actually be a great thing to do in chrome. :) The problem has more to do with memory management than number crunching.

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              Fair enough, but still, like, what is a web page doing that needs zillions of allocations?

              More to the point, Chrome feels a lot faster on the desktop than any of the alternatives. A benchmark saying it’s 3x slower than Safari tells me that that benchmark doesn’t reflect actual user experience (or at least, not my user experience). I suspect a lot of chrome’s fast feel may well be tricks, and I can believe that its core javascript or layout engine might be slower than Safari’s, but that’s not ultimately what matters as a user.

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                I think the author’s wording of “Javascript Application” is important here

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          I think there’s a fundamental push to make apps better than mobile browsers because of the revenue the app store gets from app downloads. That said, I don’t think it’s that bad on android or iOS. The dashboard I wrote for work is not much different on mobile vs desktop (same code) performance-wise. I’ve taken great care to make it as small as possible, though. Not everyone does that.

          I think es2015 modules should make things a bit better when people stop importing entire libraries and only grab the functions they need. Then again, it’ll only work out where people pay attention to those things, which isn’t necessarily the bigger sites/companies.

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            I’m not sure what the qualms are? I have a Nexus 5 with Chrome and more than 100 (It now has a smiley face instead of an actual number) pages open (I know most of them get swapped out in the background). I can still view YouTube videos etc. fine. I haven’t done any WebGL or performancey stuff, but it seems ok for everything I do use it for.