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    Author here. I’m here to answer any question regarding features or implementation.

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      Thank you for putting this in AUR and making it easier for Arch folks to install! I was trying to use it with the shell companion example in the readme, and it as really slow indexing(?) things and displaying them. (e.g. sometimes 1-2 seconds per keystroke). I use zsh as my shell, and the disk is a really fast nvme.

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        Actually the AUR package was made by me after finding the project through this post. :p

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          Ah, well thank you! (Sorry I missed that, I didn’t look too closely to see who submitted it!)

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        So, why did you name your program dick? It makes me nervous about using it.

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          Well… One has to have some fun… That was by far the proposal which got most votes when I proposed it on my chat where most users are French speaking…

          But I’ll remove the “pronounced b-root” part and let people pronounce it as they feel it.

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            broute though means browse, so it seemed quite fitting. I didn’t even think of the old fashioned “biroute” when I read “broot”.

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              Well, the author edited it out of the Readme, and the command line help too. A Good Thing, because it’s a cool project.😎

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          Related link: https://dev.to/dystroy/broot-a-new-way-to-browse-directories-779

          To be completely honest, I think the project’s README has a lot more information!

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            Going to give it a try :)