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    Oh no, this website is my kryptonite.

    Oh no, I can filter by SoC and GPU to find things that are well-supported in mainline Linux.

    …awww, the Kobol Helios 64 seems a very cool device but it appears they were killed by the pandemic electronics shortage , among other things. :-(

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      This is the missing website that I’ve wanted for years while comparison shopping single board computers! Thanks for compiling this data and making a site for it, I’m going to be coming back as my projects demand new hardware.

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        And I thought this is about finding a Session Border Controller

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          Now I want this site but for FPGA dev boards and the like. Amazingly responsive, respect

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            This is what the internet is for!

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              My kingdom for a site that allows filtering by PoE support.

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                Would be nice now for an accompanying “sort by availability” which looks at many sources…. Regardless, this is great :D