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    That is surprisingly cheap, significantly undercutting even OVH.

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      Yes, it sure looks that way. Well the hardware is very different, you also get less storage, the choice for OSes is limited, and I couldn’t find whether they have servers on the American continent, but that bandwidth offer is astounding, and especially at that price it does seem like “an offer you can’t refuse”, that’s for sure! (Although I do wonder what “up to 800mbit/s” means.. And whether it comes by default or at a premium.)

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        Hmm right. I’d noticed the 50gb storage, but I hadn’t noticed that the CPUs are Avotons, which is x86-64, but not really competitive with Xeons. Still may be worth checking out though, as it’s by a good margin the cheapest I’ve seen for a cloud box with 32GB of RAM, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

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        Depends on what front we’re talking. I’m currently owning a Kimsufi and I find HDD space more valuable than SSD, paying 15eur/mo for 1TB of space with pretty much all the specs of the 11 eur/mo server from Scaleway.. though a question comes to mind: Why don’t they specify what CPU do they use?

        Kimsufi specifies the exact CPU* and Geekbench score for each of their servers, while Scaleway says “x86-64 core” which is meaningless, an Intel Core i3 (such as the one I have) is much better than an Atom (which I think is what Avotons are?) not just in terms of clock speed.

        I can’t really evaluate Scaleway as an alternative if I can’t even make sure that the machine I would be getting from them is at least as powerful as my current one.

        * Minimum CPU, you could get lucky and get a better one (higher clock speed), never one that’s worse.

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          They do specify that they’re Avotons (which yeah, is an server Atom variant), but you’re right they don’t specify the exact model. Someone in the HN thread spun some up to check, and found that the C2S is a C2550, while the C2M and C2L are C2750. The VPS is a shared C2750.

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        The particular company / website has been on lobste.rs before (though not this particular post).

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          Interesting, but no CentOS or Fedora? :-(

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            If anyone is interested in trying out their ARM servers here you can use one for 30 minutes: http://instantcloud.io/