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    zsh has also long tried this, but the main issues is that people still want to write bash scripts ;-)

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      I think the osh/oil split is a good (less cumbersome?) way to try to manage this need.

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        Does it still work now? How do I opt-in to this in zsh?

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          I believe it is even on by default! setopt NO_SH_WORD_SPLIT

          the oil @split function is written $=variable

          argv(){print ${(qq)@};}

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            Thank you.

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          The HN thread has some detail on that: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26686201

          zsh doesn’t split, but it still omits empty strings, unless you opt out of that.

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          I’ve been tempted to try out one of the ‘new generation’ shells like oil or elvish.