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    Oracle, the world’s largest patent troll, would really like you to use this license that unambiguously lets them use your stuff.

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      Things that are appealing to me about this:

      1. It’s short and permissive, like MIT
      2. It gives patent grants, like Apache2 (MIT lacks this)
      3. It’s compatible with GPLv2 (Apache2 lacks this)
      4. It’s vetted by OSI, FSF, and Oracle lawyers, and all three groups seem to agree it’s legit

      The only other license I know of that satisfies 2 and 3 at the same time is https://opensource.org/licenses/BSDplusPatent but it doesn’t seem to be as vetted as UPL, and also has the misfortune of sharing a name with the now-infamous Facebook “BSD+patents” license that did something very different.

      Coming out of Oracle isn’t doing this any favors in terms of reputation, but I assume if it were using nefarious legal language, OSI and/or FSF would have shouted about that from the rooftops instead of giving it their approval.

      Setting aside adoption rate, is this maybe the best permissive license out there? On paper there seems to be a compelling case for it.

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        The “larger works” thing seems overly complex and convoluted to me — I’m not a lawyer though!