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    I haven’t rebooted my computer for over a year, but this article makes me want a kernel update now… even if I have to reboot! That’s a pretty significant savings in power - and even dollars over a month - over the kernel version I have on right now.

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      I haven’t rebooted my computer for over a year

      Well that’s interesting. Why?

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        I used to be like that, I took pride in it. My computer was my gateway to the world, if I shut down my connection was gone, I’d be off things like IRC and AIM, I wouldn’t get to see the messages that happened while I was gone. I wouldn’t be seeding my torrents, or letting my computer do things like Folding@Home, IdleRPG or mining.

        And after a certain point it was fun to care about the uptime, how long can I keep it going.

        Now days my phone is that connection to the world, and offline messages are widely available through nearly all channels, at least the ones I care about. I no longer torrent, and the other reasons I had are basically pointless.

        Also thanks to startup improvements over the last 10 years, with hardware like SSD’s, and UEFI I now shutdown my computer nightly with really no waiting on it in the morning.

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          Personally, it’s because I don’t event think about shutting it down anymore. I close the screen of my laptop at home or lock it before leaving work. When I resume it, I have all the context as I let it before leaving my station, which is pretty useful. That said, my laptop does go into hibernate mode after some time, and same for my workstation, which is a bit more eco-friendly.

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            I accumulate a lot of open things while juggling various tasks and reopening them is a big productivity killer, so I avoid it as much as possible. Even just trying to get it all saved to files to reopen later is a pain.

            (of course maybe i could make a whole session restore thingy… but that’s a lot of work too.)