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    I’ve only read through a couple of the pages, and I found that there’s a lot there that doesn’t align with my memory of building things for the web at the time.

    I’m not quite interested enough to dig through and find citations for most of it, but here’s one that stood out. The author claims this screenshot is from 1994. While the copyright date on the browser was 1994, the screenshot certainly isn’t that old. Those IE and Outlook express icons on the bottom are from quite a bit later than that.

    The citations for the parts I’ve read are a bit weak too. So if you’re using this as the basis for any writing or research, I’d advise taking this as a pretty good flavor of the time (the mention of javascript annoyances like scrolling status bar marquees is spot on, as is the assessment of the similarity to HyperTalk) and either dig for primary sources yourself or use something that’s more rigorously sourced.

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      Good catch, the OS is most certainly Windows 95 in that screenshot with IE 4.

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        It’s most likely Windows 2000, note the gradient of the Netscape Navigator title bar.

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          I remember Win2000 having higher fidelity with the icons, and I did a short research, but I shouldn’t have written “most certainly” I guess :)