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I would much rather they were linked to directly, but I thought this is something that should be decided by consensus. What do you prefer?

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    Why are we even considering using a specific service for content hosting? I don’t see any benefit in using dropbox (or any similar service), especially not if it’s supposed to be the preferred option.

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      not to mention dropbox is kinda horrible in many facets.

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      Directly. What advantages would rehosting somebody else’s files on Dropbox have?

      Edit: Ah, I see this is about PDFs already on Dropbox. Like with art, the submitter ought to make an effort to find the original PDF on the author or organization or free-access journal’s site, and link to that. If all the submitter can find/offer is a Dropbox link, though – then, sure, link to that. </my 2 cents>

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        +1. Do if you can, won’t stress if you can’t. The world will move on.

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          ideally, there should be some way to replace the dropbox link with a link to the original if someone posts one in the comments (hacker news does admin-driven link replacement that way)

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          Directly. But if there’s a way to include multiple links, why not do both.

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            Directly. Especially on mobile where the Dropbox link kicks me out to the Dropbox app instead of letting me read it in the browser.

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              Mobile browsers should really ask before kicking you out to an app (or, even worse, the app store), and should really have a way to tell a site to screw off with its attempts to redirect you. Soundcloud is the worst; it’s impossible to listen to soundcloud links on mobile safari (as far as I can tell). I don’t want to have to download and log into their shitty app just so I can listen to a few song links a month.

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                Is there really no mobile browser that lets you do that? Desktop Firefox has addons to spoof your user-agent in desktop firefox; does mobile firefox not take the same addons?

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              Definitely direct. I’ve no problem with Dropbox but KISS should prevail :)

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                Copy by value not reference