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    StarCraft 1.18 Release games release us.battle.net

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    If I see that right, that’s basically the technical changes that were necessary for the upcoming HD edition?

    (which still makes that a nice example of costumer service :) )

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      and making it free.

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        I think it’s time I had a 90s lan party… SC1, Spaceward Ho, maybe some Diablo 2. Anyone else have some must-plays?

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          Age of Empires was a standard in my college computer lab. Technically, AoE2 came out in the 90s, so you could do that instead, but it was all horse archers and wololo for me.

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            Total Annihilation. My group kept playing it up until about 2013 (it was gradually displaced by Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance).

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              Forged alliance forever mod seems to be still going and looks great. One of the best strategy games of all time in my opinion.

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              Team Fortress (Quake), Rocket Arena (Quake II), Half-Life Deathmatch (Bunker 24/7), Unreal Tournament, Quake III

              Also, Diablo 2 was released in 2000… :D

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                I’m coming to this LAN party. We also liked Rocket Arena for UT too and Tac Ops. And later some Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat, ooo and then BF:Vietnam.

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                  I forgot X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter with Balance of Power, an unmatched multiplayer classic, both competitive and cooperative.

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                  • Duke3d (love the jetpack!)
                  • Warcraft 2
                  • Doom 2
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                    re Duke3D. Hell yeah. I loved the little details in the game like monsters stepping through closing doors get smashed with their guts stretching as doors open back. Lots of little things not in other games. One level even had the deck of the Enterprise from Star Trek for anyone who fantasized about a firefight there haha. Plus weapons like remote detonators, shrinker, and freeze followed by kick. Unique.

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                  Exactly. I think part of why they’re timing it this way is to get people hyped (which I totally am already) for the HD edition later this year.

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                  Oh hell yes :D

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                    It makes me happy to see so many likeminded old farts so excited about a video game on here :P I never thought I’d see the day…