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    Here’s a plug for the thing I’m working on. If you want a VPN in less than 4k lines of code – small enough that you can read and understand it in a single sitting – then you might want to checkout WireGuard. It’s a relatively new project, but considerably less scary than big behemoths like OpenVPN or IPsec.

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      Would I be able to use wireguard with something like Mullvad?

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        Yes. If you Google those two keywords, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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      Manual reviews may still be part of the effort, but only there where automation (fuzzing) is not adequate. Some examples:

      I know he goes on to list specific things that fuzzing finds hard to find, but I personally think that it would be better to say that both fuzzing and manual code review should be used.

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        That would not be actionable advice - of course more review in any form is better in isolation, but the question people actually have to answer in practice is where to best expend limited resources.