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    At first it seems a bit strange that Epic would award a grant to another game engine but I guess they see Godot as a stepping stone for developers to learn and eventually go with Unreal.

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      I would guess most of their money comes from players rather than Unreal licensing, so maybe the reasoning is that higher quality in game engines overall means more good games [to put on the Epic store]. Whyever - it’s great to see them doing this.

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        That’s a rather new development, though. Licensing the engine is definitely in the companies DNA, it’s their huge innovation from Unreal. (Yes, ID did that as well, but more as a side business, while Unreal was always built as a separate kit)

        It could be a way to compete with Unity: funding a free competitor that people may pick over Unity.

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          i think competing against unity is what makes the most sense here. godot’s popularity seems to be surging, namely as a begginer-friendly engine, which is something i don’t think a lot of people see unreal as, as opposed to unity

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        Having people that can develop game engines = larger talent pool = more people to poach away into unreal engine as well

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          I wouldn’t be surprised if unreal had nothing to do with this. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The more people make games, sell games, and are into games in general the better for Epic and the industry as a whole.

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            I’ve heard the theory it may be an attempt to flank Unity from a business perspective - use Unreal to attack Unity from the high end, prop up Godot to attach Unity from the low end.

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              also they potentially set some legal framework so that those grants are deductible from their taxes which makes them very interesting for them from not only a let’s improve the talent pool perspective but also from a financial and generating goodwill perspectives as well.

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              I bet Epic games looked at what they sell in their new store and found that Godot is perfect for a large class of games people are interested in.

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                I think it’s worth mentioning what Tim Sweeney thinks about Linux and open source the rest of the time: https://twitter.com/timsweeneyepic/status/964284402741149698

                Also, Rocket League (after Epic bought Psyonix) dropped their Linux support recently because they prefer to use DirectX 11 instead of anything cross platform.

                They claim to be working on Linux stuff for Anti-Cheat and so, but actions are heavier than words.

                Good for Godot and their grant, but remember who is giving the money.

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                  I think it’s worth mentioning what Tim Sweeney thinks about Linux and open source the rest of the time: https://twitter.com/timsweeneyepic/status/964284402741149698

                  In the surroundings of the discussion, that view isn’t in any way hostile. Tim is criticising Microsoft for their policies, which he frequently does and people just plain suggest “time to move to Linux”. And he’s right - (him) moving to Linux would not make his userbase follow. So it is akin to moving to Canada because you don’t like US politics.

                  He also had positive words on Linux/Steam Machine (https://www.polygon.com/2014/4/1/5568378/epic-games-ceo-tim-sweeney-unreal-engine-vr-oculus-rift) and let’s not forget that most Unreal titles saw Linux ports - and the Unreal Engine supports it as a target.

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                    Everything positive about the relationship between Epic games and Linux has been just words and the historical Linux support of unreal engine.

                    Taking in count that they dropped Linux support in one of their games, which is made with Unreal Engine, makes me think rather negative about their current predisposition with the platform.

                    Hope to be wrong and see more of Epic’s products running on Linux soon, like the epic store or their anti-cheat software.

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                  Godot has some great release notes and other information–this is a press-release.

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                    –that seems newsworthy to the people who upvoted it